Cards with Robert & Colette Keyworth

Attention Card Players – Current and Prospective

Firstly, please note that there will be NO cards at our regular venue in Camden in April. We have been
advised that, as a result of the recent flooding in Camden, the Sports Club cannot be certain that their
upstairs room will be available for us.
Following the survey that I sent out recently, it is evident that a number of our regular players are not
entirely happy with the Camden venue nor with the time we play cards, and, in order to address these
problems, we have asked around locally and have been able to secure a block of dates at the Wests
Country Club at Gledswood hills, just off Camden Valley Way, between Bunnings and Lakeside.
The dates we have been given, for this year, are the 4th Monday in each month, between May and
November and April 27th which is a Wednesday, as the 4th Monday in April is Anzac Day and the room
will not be available. We have tentatively been allocated time between 1.00pm and 10.00pm, but we
cannot secure that whole time slot and will have to decide between an afternoon session of say 1.00 to
5.30 with the ability to retire to the Bistro for dinner afterwards, or perhaps 6.00pm till 10.00 with
dinner beforehand.

Please think about this matter as I hope to have some time for discussion during the upcoming General
Meeting and we have to give Wests an answer regarding our acceptance of their proposal and whether
we would like an afternoon or evening time period.